President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani

The President expressed satisfaction with the level of partnership with the Islamic Development Bank and its support provided to the country’s economy.


“We are interested in our further cooperation. Kazakhstan was the first among the CIS countries to develop a partnership program with your Bank. It is an example of the high level of our cooperation. The industrial innovative program which we nowadays implement creates great opportunities for bilateral cooperation,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani thanked the head of state for the meeting.

“I want to inform you on the signing of the program of partnership with Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly, it will strengthen cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Islamic Development Bank. All this will lead to deepen the cooperation between your country and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states, particularly in the energy sphere, in the field of construction of roads and railways,” Ali Al-Madani stressed.

The parties also discussed the ways of further strengthening of mutual cooperation. The main emphasis was laid on the creation of Centre of Innovations and the Foundation for Food Safety between the countries-members of the OIC, as well as the development of the city of Almaty as a regional center for Islamic finance.

The main objective of the Bank's activities based on the principles of Islamic law is to promote economic development and social progress in the countries-members of the IDB and Muslim communities in different countries of the world.

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