As Part of the Official Visit to Turkey, President Nursultan Nazarbayev Participates in the Turkic Council Flag Raising Ceremony


In his address the President pointed out that the Turkic Council is a common organization for the Turkic speaking states with similar goals and objectives. Fraternal countries, living in harmony and unity, over 20 years of cooperation have achieved significant results. The establishment of the Turkic Council made it possible to bring together the Turkic countries with common intention and common roots. The Council is a clear result of the joint actions aimed at closer cooperation. The location of the Secretariat in Istanbul is also of great importance. This city, linking the major civilizations of the world, has become a safe haven for the formation and development of the Turkic Council.

The President of Kazakhstan noted that the Turkic world unites more than 40 nationalities and ethnic groups. 200 million of Turks significantly contributed to the world heritage. In 2010, a Turkic Academy has been established in Astana within the framework of the visit paid by President of Turkey Abdullah Gul to Kazakhstan. This scientific centre carries out significant work on study of common history and culture of the Turkic speaking states. Kazakhstan renders a universal support for its fruitful functioning.       

The Turkic Council has been established as an international organization on October 3, 2009 in accordance with the Nakhichevan Agreement. The Secretariat of the Organization is located at Istanbul from September 16, 2010.

The flag of the Turkic Council has been accepted in August 2012 at the Second Summit of the Turkic Council in Bishkek.

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