The Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy related symposium held in Berlin

A symposium aimed to interpret the State of the Nation Address by President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy: new political course of the established state” was arranged in Berlin.


More than 100 participants attended the event, including prominent public and political figures, Members of the Bundestag and Landtags, high-ranking officials, scientists and artists, representatives of businesses and mass media as well as the Kazakh community and students.

Opening the symposium, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Nurlan Onzhanov highlighted key provisions of the Strategy and noticed that the document, considering its significance, extent and objective, represents Kazakhstan’s strategic development plan for the upcoming years. The diplomat emphasized that due to its balanced and farsighted policy Kazakhstan has became a stable and strong country and has been widely recognized by the international community. According to N.Onzhanov, one of the most obvious examples is that Astana was the first capital in the post-Soviet space to win the bid to host the EXPO international exhibition.

Lothar Theodor Lemper, President of Otto Benecke Foundation, during his speech emphasized the uniqueness of the Strategy, which successfully combines the greatest achievements of the country and the new essential challenges that Kazakhstan faces.

In his opinion, «Kazakhstan’s sustained development strengthens this progressive country in a very positive way for the sake of its people». «It deserves a special notice that Kazakhstan is the country with a recognized, respectable and exemplary state model which becomes apparent in the economic and social integration of the multiethnic country. I support Kazakhstan’s intention to enter 30 most developed nations, and I am confident that it is feasible», he said.

«I have visited Kazakhstan on repeated occasions and I have felt pride of the local population for Kazakhstan’s achievements those apply substantial effect across the country. I also felt their readiness for further achievements», added Lemper.

Friedhelm Gehrmann, Steinbeis University Director, mentioned in his speech that President of Kazakhstan in his State of the Nation Address has rightfully pointed to connection between diversity and unity of the nation. «While within the foreign policy of President Nazarbayev Kazakhstan is viewed as a country free from nuclear weapons, within the internal policy your country is a guarantor of peace and stability, driven by the wise integration policies within the ethnical diversity of Kazakhstan», said F.Gehrmann.

According to him, it is widely welcomed that the President continuously creates conditions to enhance the population’s wellbeing and fosters the industrial and innovative development policies. Income per capita has grown from USD 700 to almost 13 000 during the years of independence. Kazakhstan’s growing ratings by the global economic organizations represent the high proficiency of the state.

Having visited Astana the German professor said that he was convinced of the profound success of Kazakhstan’s development. «Astana is a modern capital, which has been rightfully chosen by the international community as a first city in the post-Soviet space to hold the EXPO-2017. This globally important event will undoubtedly facilitate the further modernization, especially with the “Future Energy” theme, he added.

Günter Knabe, expert on Central Asia, mentioned that the State of the Nation Address is an extensive and, on the other hand, a very detailed set of goals and expectations for «the bright future of Kazakhstan, which has already been there».

In his opinion, the document is some kind of a road map for implementation of state, economic and universal prospects and visions. The Strategy will be an important directive for the upcoming years and decades, and will inevitably lead to success, whereas the detailed planning will allow reacting to unexpected events in a rapid and high-quality way.

G.Knabe said «I see it particularly essential that all Kazakhstan citizens as a united nation would take their individual commitments, rights and responsibilities in order to achieve the goals on their way towards «Kazakhstan 2050».

The event provided a very constructive and rich exchange of views on implementation of the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy. German participants appraised President Nazarbayev’s initiatives and expressed their support to Kazakhstan in achieving the high objectives. Text of the State of the Nation Address in German was disseminated among the participants.

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