Global Politics, Economics Discussed at Eurasian Media Forum

More than 400 Delegates from over 50 countries discussed the global economy and social developments at the 13th Eurasian Media Forum (EAMF) in Astana April 21-22.

The forum’s 30 speakers and participants included international politicians, economists, journalists and public organization representatives.

At the opening ceremony, EAMF Organizing Committee Chairperson, Kazakhstan’s Deputy rime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva read a message to the forum participants from Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“The Eurasian Media Forum has become one of the leading platforms for dialogue. Here we discuss the most topical issues of the modern world, a new paradigm of development and the future,” it was said in the address.

According to Nazarbayeva, “Today, humanity is entering an era of unprecedented test. What will be the new world and our common future depends on each of us … The open discussion of world problems at the EAMF for finding a balanced solution will be an invaluable contribution to the peace movement,”

The forum’s first panel discussion was dedicated to the global economy and was attended by Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, former British Foreign Minister Jack Straw and Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre Kairat Kelimbetov.

Former British Foreign Minister Straw noted Britain’s collapse in the steel industry and shared his vision on facing this reality.

“If there were a more strategically sensible approach by OPEC to see an increase in the oil price that, in turn, will turn to rebalance the international economy and reduce the overall level of risk. And maybe, therefore, seeing the trend growth of the world economies improving which, in turn, would improve the commodity prices as well,” he said. Kelimbetov said that Kazakhstan has a good opportunity to diversify Kazakhstan’s economy beyond commodities.

“President Nazarbayev started this reform many years ago. In 2001, we created a sovereign fund … and we have already $64 billion dollars, which is a kind of reserve for future generations. We follow many groups of countries who have joined to more flexible exchanges or inflation targeting regimes following the Russian example … The most important thing is the reforms started by President Nazarbayev. We call it the National Plan - 100 Concrete Steps, which sets the reforms on how to improve the investment climate and how to improve the always-opportunity to do business in Kazakhstan. Part of this is a creating of financial clusters in two years … New financial centres will be based here,” he said.

In addition to economics, former Afghan President Karzai praised Nazarbayev’s peace-keeping efforts.

“Above all, I am happy to be in Kazakhstan once again. The country has common culture with us. This is the country that has helped us for the last 13 years and made a huge contribution to the development of the country. President Nazarbayev has always been a friend of Afghanistan and a kind partner in re-building of Afghanistan,” said Karzai, noting Kazakhstan has provided many scholarships to the Afghan students to study in Kazakhstan.

Karzai also praised Nazarbayev’s initiatives on global nuclear disarmament and asked all to join the effort.

Source Astana Calling