Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists launches a new version of its G-GLOBAL communication platform

The Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists herewith announces the launch of a new version of its G-Global communication platform as of November 1 this year, within the framework of a re-branding campaign in cooperation with the project’s most important sponsor Kazakhtelecom. The new concept is based on three user-friendly devices for those who are working with the Internet: navigation, personalisation and minimisation.


In its new form, G-Global plans to present more than 50 topics on its new platform within the following five main sections:

-          reviews/comments by economic experts;

-          business projects;

-          blogs;

-          open debates;

-          publications.


Furthermore, a monthly online interactive conference is to be held centred around a “Person of the Month” with the participation of both Kazakh economic specialists and experts from around the world. The monthly central figure will introduce him-/herself with a statement on any important issue, and subsequently reply to any questions coming in concerning the issue and related topics. The conference is open to everyone wishing to take part in it.


From now on, the G-Global communication platform will operate independently from the Astana Economic Forum. The main reason is that G-Global has a broader scope, and include scientific topics and issues related to, but not limited to social and economic domains.


There will still be a form of cooperation, however, between G-Global and the Economic Forum. Each publication posted on the G-Global platform is automatically taking part in the annual G-Global Contest, divided over different scientific domains and have a chance to win a certificate/diploma and/or a prize in cash from an annual fund amounting to 5 million Kazakh tenge (around 24,000 euro or 3,250 US dollar). The awards will be handed out at the Astana Economic Forum followed by a celebration. The contest offers a chance for both participants and non-participants in the Astana Economic Forum to present their profile and their contributions to overall improvements in the economic situation in the world today.


Nominations for the contest will be posted on the G-Global communication platform in the run-up to the Astana Economic Forum of 2013. The Economic Club of Scientists encourages everyone to submit contributions in exchange for broad recognition of his/her ideas and arguments.



The G-Global communication platform was first launched in February 2012 in Astana, with the support of 14 Nobel laureates including Robert Mundell, John Nash, Robert Kornberg, Eric Maskin, John Aumann, Finn Kydland and Sir James Mirlees – as well as other specialists in science and education, business executives and representatives of international organisations.

Since its establishment, 25,000 contributors from 149 countries have been registered and more than 1.8 million people have visited the portal.

The project aims at involving a maximum of people not just in Kazakhstan but around the world in the global debate on how to overcome the global financial crisis and present results of their input in the form of publications and contributions to debates to political and economic decision-makers in the world for consideration in the course of their deliberations. Input covers a wide range of intellectual domains concerning issues related to how to optimise Mankind’s quest for a future world where life is poised to get better and better for everyone living on the planet.

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