Kazakhstan has unique countryside as well as cultural and historic heritage sites. Each of the 14 regions can provide its guests with stunning landscapes and ancient monuments which are vividly reminiscent of the rich culture of the people of the region. There are more than 700 itineraries available for travellers. The northern, southern, eastern, western and central regions of Kazakhstan are ready to offer practically all the existing types of tourism for their guests such as educational, recreational, ethnic, eco, health, children’s, sports, hunting, equestrian and adventure tourism.

South Kazakhstan

There are four provinces within Southern Kazakhstan which are the Almaty, Zhambyl, South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions. The region covers a vast territory from the Aral Sea in the west to the Dzhungarian Gate in the east and from Lake Balkhash and the Betpak-Dala desert in the north to the republic’s border in the south including the northern part of the Kyzylkum desert, the western and northern foothills of the Tian Shan and the ridges of the Dzhungarian Alatau. 

Western Kazakhstan

Western Kazakhstan includes four regions: the Aktobe, Atyrau, Mangistau and West Kazakhstan provinces which are situated at the crossroads of two continents. The second lowest point on the planet, the Karagiye depression, is situated here. The Great Silk Road passed through the territory of Mangistau for 2000 years and is now a fascinating tourist route. Apart from that, western Kazakhstan travellers will appreciate the rich hunting grounds, fisheries and a well developed infrastructure for water sports.  

North Kazakhstan

The northern province of Kazakhstan is formed of the Akmola, Kostanai, North Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions. This terrain is located in the basin of the Yesil, Tobyl and Obagan rivers and there are a lot of lakes here as well, many of which are famous for their healing mineral salts and muds.   

Central Kazakhstan

The Karaganda region is part of the Central Kazakhstan province. One of the world’s largest lakes, Balkhash, and the unique Karkaraly mountain forest oasis are situated here. The Ulytau Mountains will be liked not only by fans of mountain tourism but also those who appreciate beautiful places in the wilderness. The region is also part of the trade and cultural spheres of the Great Silk Way. 

East Kazakhstan

East Kazakhstan is located at the intersection of the border with China, Mongolia and Russia. The major part of the East Kazakhstan regional territory is occupied by the mountain ranges of Ore and South Altai, Kalby and Saur-Tarbagatai. These scenic spots were regarded by the great Kazakh poet and enlightener Abai Kunanbayev and the outstanding writer Mukhtar Auezov as their homeland.