Investment Projects of Almaty


Comprehensive financial system, extensive occupations of sundry financial institutes, along with high investment potential are widely regards Almaty as financial center of Kazakhstan. 

According to The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ratings Almaty stands 43th out of 83 international financial centers, climbed up 15 points.  Assessment of Almaty as a financial institution was conducted against following competitive factors: human factor, business environment, access to international financial markets, infrastructure, and overall competitiveness.  

Almaty is holding its leading long-standing positions among other metropolitan areas of the Republic regarding economic development. 

Almaty economy deemed as of top level investment activity city, thereby securing one of vital role among the Kazakhstan regions on investment into fixed capital. 

High density of educational institution, furthermore cultural heritage and diversity grants city the status of academic and cultural center of Kazakhstan.

Moreover, Almaty is a tourist center of Kazakhstan benefiting from geographical position by means of occupying several climatic zones, which makes city highly attractive to the tourists.   

Idyllic natural environment and sport infrastructure availability distinguishes Almaty in its establishment as a bona fide international center for winter sports.

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